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Toyota Rav4 2024: Reaching New Heights



Toyota enjoys one of the most award-winning reputations in the market, thanks to vehicles like the Corolla, Camry, and Rav4, which demonstrate increased reliability year after year. In short, all of this goes to show that the brand has built a solid reputation over the years. However, don't think for a moment that I attribute the immense popularity solely to the brand's success. The Japanese manufacturer's SUV offers compelling arguments and is a model that has everything going for it.


The Rav4 doesn't offer any major updates for 2024, but that's far from problematic as it's still very much up-to-date. Nevertheless, the Japanese manufacturer has allowed itself to add a few new colors to the lineup. The Woodland version, in particular, benefits from some aesthetic improvements.


Range and Pricing


The Toyota Rav4 offers one of the most comprehensive ranges in its category. There's something for every taste and budget, or nearly so. It all starts with the LE version, which comes with all-wheel drive as standard. This one starts at $36,101.50. It's a bit above average, I agree, but it's far from a stripped-down base model. In total, the Japanese manufacturer's SUV offers 11 different versions between gasoline, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid models. So, its price can climb up to $58,941.50. However, it's worth noting that hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions are eligible for several federal and provincial subsidy programs.


LE AWD - $36,101.50

Hybrid LE AWD - $38,901.50

XLE AWD - $39,801.50

Hybrid XLE AWD - $42,001.50

Trail AWD - $43,501.50

Hybrid SE AWD - $43,801.50

Hybrid XSE AWD - $46,701.50

Limited AWD - $47,701.50

Hybrid Limited AWD - $49,901.50

Prime Hybrid SE AWD - $54,101.50

Prime Hybrid XSE AWD - $58,941.50


Category and Competition


Being the star player in the most competitive category in the market is no small feat, and that's why the Toyota Rav4 is such an impressive vehicle. Interestingly enough, the SUV recently became the best-selling hybrid model of the brand, surpassing even the venerable Prius. In short, the Rav4 is a top-level competitor, and its popularity only continues to increase each year. I wouldn't be surprised if it eventually outsells one of the major American pickup trucks in North America.


Rivals: Chevrolet Equinox, Dodge Hornet, Ford Bronco Sport, Ford Escape, GMC Terrain, Honda CR-V, Hyundai Tucson, Jeep Compass, Kia Sportage, Mazda CX-5, Mazda CX-50, Mitsubishi Outlander, Nissan Rogue, Subaru Forester, Volkswagen Tiguan


Design and Technologies


I wasn't particularly fond of the previous generation of the Rav4 with its pointed nose. However, the current model excels aesthetically with its square silhouette and angular shapes. Additionally, the manufacturer has perfectly accentuated it all with two-tone combinations. This design also fits quite well with versions boasting enhanced off-road capabilities, such as the Trail and Woodland models.


In terms of the interior, the Rav4 offers a fairly simple presentation, but the ergonomics are well thought out. Every button is placed where one would naturally want it to be. However, I must admit that I struggle to appreciate the Rav4's multimedia system, but that's primarily a matter of personal taste. Otherwise, the steering wheel offers a good grip, and the driving position is very comfortable. The Rav4 also benefits from good build quality and assembly, which significantly reduces long-term noise and wear.


In terms of technology, the Japanese manufacturer's SUV lacks nothing. Its driver assistance technologies are very effective without being too intrusive.




The beloved SUV of Canadians offers three options in terms of mechanics, starting with the gasoline version. This one features a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine that delivers 203 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. It is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission, and all-wheel drive is now offered as standard. With this combination, the Rav4 achieves an average fuel consumption of 9.5L/100km in the city and 7.2L/100km on the highway with its thirstier variants.


Next, we move on to the hybrid version, which also features a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine. This time, two electric motors are added to the mix, allowing the Rav4 to develop a total power of 219 horsepower. Here, the average fuel consumption is 5.8L/100km in the city and 6.1L/100km on the highway.


Finally, we come to the plug-in hybrid version, which essentially offers the same combination as the hybrid version. However, its total power is 302 horsepower. Not to mention, it benefits from an 18.1 kWh battery, allowing it to achieve an average electric-only range of 68 kilometers.




There's definitely a lack of a sporty version in the Rav4 lineup. The driving pleasure isn't really there. The interior design could be more interesting.




Absolutely everything else. It's an elegant, comfortable vehicle, and its reliability is legendary. The Rav4 also retains excellent long-term resale value.


Signature Element


The Toyota Rav4 is a true benchmark in its category.


Final Word


The success of the Rav4 is undeniable, and I believe it's a vehicle destined to become even more popular.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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