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Time for a new license plate sticker? Then it's time to check in with Toyota Canada.

Toyota Canada puts safety first and is constantly updating and improving the components that go into our vehicles as a result. When concerns are discovered, Toyota Canada notifies our customers as quickly as possible to get these concerns corrected.

If you bought your Toyota from a dealer, Toyota Canada has your contact information on file and will notify you about these important repairs. If you didn't buy your vehicle from a Toyota dealer or you have moved, chances are that you will not receive these important notifications.

Get in the habit of checking your vehicle for recalls and that either the dealer or Toyota Canada have your correct contact information on file so that you won't miss these notices. A good way to remember is to do this when your license plate sticker comes due for renewal.

Think your vehicle is too old? Think again. Toyota is committed to your safety for the entire life of the vehicle.

Follow this Toyota Recalls link to find out if there is an outstanding campaign (recall) on your vehicle or to make sure that Toyota Canada has your correct information on file.

Thanks for driving Toyota!

Winter Tires or All-Season Tires? October 1, 2018

It's never too early to start thinking about winter tires.

Your tires are one of the most important features on your vehicle and anyone who drives in snowy, icy weather can benefit from installing cold weather tires.

A set of dedicated winter tires will dramatically improve your safety during the winter months.

Did you know that a brand new set of all-season tires performs the same as a half-worn set of snow tires? And that half-worn all season tires are not suitable for driving in snow or on icy roads?


Winter tires are made of a rubber compound that does not lose its flexibility below zero degrees Celsius and the specifically designed tread patterns and softer rubber compound give winter tires their advantage.

Snow tires decrease stopping distance by an average of 35% (over all-season tires). AWD vehicles have technology that helps get a vehicle going (traction) however, this technology does not aid in braking, and therefore even AWD vehicles would benefit from having winter tires.

A set of snow tires costs approximately $1000 or so on average, making cost the biggest objection, but compared to an insurance deductible or the possibility of a serious accident, purchasing a set of snow tires make good sense. A set of winter tires will also double the life of your summer tires. So, you can either buy 1-2 sets of all-season tires during the first five to six years of vehicle ownership or buy a good set of winters over the same period.

The other concern is storage. At Festing Toyota, we offer tire storage for all makes and models. No need to find room in the garage or load them into the car when tire season comes, just book an appointment and we'll take care of the rest.

See this video for more information about all-season vs winter tires:

Festing Toyota August 23, 2018

Back-to-school ready?

The All-New stylish 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback is waiting for you at Festing Toyota.  This fuel efficient game changer with hatchback functionality is the perfect back-to-school vehicle for those that are college and university bound.  It's also a great every day vehicle for those busy folks that love to drive, need cargo space, but don't like the fuel bills of a large SUV.

The powerful new 6.7L per 100km (combined, automatic) fuel efficient engine in the 2019 Corolla Hatchback is an all-new Dynamic Force 2.0 litre inline 4 cylinder that generates an impressive 168hp.  Your choice of 6 speed manual or 10 speed automatic transmission offer enhanced fuel efficiency and fast-paced fun.

The 60/40 split rear seat can be used to transport up to 5 people leaving 17.8 cubic feet of cargo space or can be folded down to accommodate even more cargo.

The 2019 Corolla Hatchback comes in a variety of colours including blue flame, bronze oxide, smoked paprika metallic, galactic aqua mica, midnight black metallic, classic silver metallic, the ever popular blizzard pearl and super white.

The standard Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) 2.0 will also help protect the driver as well as the pedestrians and cyclists that are difficult to see in low light.  See Toyota Safety Sense for more information.

Depending on the trim level you choose, other features and options include tire sizes ranging from 15"-18", air conditioning, optional GPS, 7" screen, voice recognition, Apple Car Play, power windows, backup camera, push button start and smart key system, windshield de-icer, Macpherson struts, paddle shifters, heated front seats and heated steering wheel.  The list goes on.

It's cute. It's affordable. It's fun.  Book a test drive today or call 705-789-8818 for more details.